The Pilates Hub `

Thursday 26th December 2019

The Pilates Hub.

Following the great success of her studio in Longridge, Joanne Cornish has opened a new studio in Whalley to focus on offering equipment-based classes. The Pilates Hub opened in September 2019 and offers semi-private equipment sessions and small group reformer classes.

A qualified Pilates Foundation teacher for almost a decade, Joanne works alongside a team of independent, qualified instructors, who run classes using exercises that integrate the whole body, re-educating it and restoring it to optimum muscular and skeletal function.

The semi-private sessions give the client the individual attention and personal guidance expected from a private class but in a more affordable and accessible way, and are suitable for all. They are ideal for those who would like more personal attention, but also enjoy the group environment.

These sessions are perfect if you want to see results in as short a time as possible, require specialised attention for either rehabilitation or to improve sporting performance, or if you would like to work on specific postural issues.

The reformer classes are an equipment based full body core conditioning workout, designed to progressively work muscle groups, lengthening and strengthening muscles and creating a strong, toned body.  Classes are challenging and focus on strengthening the entire body to perform and function optimally whilst at the same time giving you a great workout and leaving you feeling invigorated.

Designed to strengthen the core, tone muscles and improve posture, Pilates is the workout of choice from professional athletes to those with limited mobility and everyone in between. The beauty of Pilates lies in the fact that the exercises can be adapted to suit every individual’s needs.

The Reformer has been around for a long time, but has been gaining popularity over the past few years and only relatively recently has it become mainstream, due to athletes and celebrities promoting the benefits on social media.

The Pilates Hub at the Sidings in Whalley is among the most well equipped in the region giving clients the very best opportunity to improve personal fitness, muscle strength and flexibility – as well as giving clients who may have encountered injury, the perfect way to rehabilitate through a specifically designed regime that is ultimately safe.

For more information do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Pilates Hub
Lancashire House,
The Sidings,

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