Thursday 4th November 2021

Dr Khurrum Hussain is one of just five periodontal specialists in the North West – and he has chosen Ribble Valley based Renovo Dental as his referral clinic.

Seeking specialist dental treatment, patients throughout the UK travel to the new, Ribble Valley-based Renovo Dental, where there is a top team of dental specialists and general practitioners working with some of the very latest state-of-the-art technology.

As part of the team, Dr Khurrum Hussain, is one of just 350 periodontal specialists working  throughout the UK – 220 of those being registered in and around central London.

‘’Working as part of a multi-skilled team with the same passion really is a dream come true. It takes the planning and patient treatment quality to a whole new level,” says Dr Hussain, who completed his training in periodontology at the globally-renowned Eastman Dental Institute at University College London.

“The institute accepts just four people each year, one from the UK one from Europe and the other two internationally. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” he explains.

Graduating from the institute in 2016, Khurrum returned to his roots in the North West, teaching periodontology to post-graduates at Manchester University. and using his skillset working privately for BUPA.

As a periodontal specialist, he deals with gum disease and the soft tissue surrounding the palate, degenerating bone issues and failing implants.

He is specially trained in the placement, maintenance and repair of dental implants.

“My ethos is not just to treat patients with periodontal challenges, but I aim to work together to educate and motivate them and I have had excellent results with this approach.

“At Renovo we don’t rush in, we view everything in a calculated way. We offer the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and are also trained in performing cosmetic periodontal procedures.

“Our gums are very much part of our smile and they are the foundations on which we work. Our aim is to get gum tissue and bones strong and healthy before we carry out any further work.”

Poorly managed diabetes, smoking or inherited genetics can lead to susceptibility to advanced gum disease – and at Renovo Dental, Khurrum can advise on the best techniques and treatment to overcome the problem.

Treatment of advanced gum disease may require dental surgery, such as:

Soft tissue grafts

To replace lost gum tissue due to recession. A small amount of tissue from the roof of your mouth or using tissue from another donor source and attaching it to the affected site. This can help reduce further gum recession, cover exposed roots and give your teeth an improved aesthetic.

Bone grafting

This procedure is performed when periodontitis has destroyed the bone surrounding your tooth root. The graft may be composed of small fragments of your own bone, or the bone may be synthetic or donated. The bone graft helps prevent tooth loss by holding your tooth in place. It also serves as a platform for the regrowth of natural bone.

Guided tissue regeneration

This allows the regrowth of bone that was destroyed by bacteria. In one approach, a special piece of biocompatible fabric is placed between existing bone and your tooth. The material prevents unwanted tissue from entering the healing area, allowing bone to grow back instead.

Tissue-stimulating proteins

Another technique involves applying a special gel to a diseased tooth root. This gel contains the same proteins found in developing tooth enamel and stimulates the growth of healthy bone and tissue.

“There is often a general lack of awareness of what can be done in terms of the latest techniques, treatments and technology. Too often patients are told that the treatment for gum disease and bone loss is not possible. Yes, it is more complex, impossible it is not. That depends on the skillset of the team carrying out the treatment, ”  explains Dr Usman Riaz of Renovo.

As a brand new clinic, Renovo have invested in all the latest digital technology dentistry has to offer, including a state-of-the-art CT scanner which allows the team to plan and perform very precise implant surgery. This CT-guided surgery for implants Is accurate, safer and comfortable and results in faster healing.

Since launching Renovo Dental, the team’s reputation has spread through word of mouth: “We are very fortunate in what we do and what we have here, and we are all passionate and very dedicated. Renovo is much bigger than a group of individuals – it is all about our patients, changing mindsets and attitudes and giving them support and confidence by providing outstanding dentistry.”


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