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Thursday 26th December 2019

Refillution-Eco lifestyle shop

We’re in the midst of the Christmas season, the hustle and bustle is quietening, the mountains of wrapping paper gone, discarded toys lie around the house and our buttons don’t quite fasten the same as they did last week.

We might be starting to gently reflect on ‘what was all that about?’ and ‘why did I buy and eat so much?’ We might be starting to contemplate the new year, imagining what that might look like for us, our family and our precious planet.

The possibilities are endless, our thoughts and actions have the power to create and change the landscape of our lives and of those around us, what a responsibility? but how exciting?

On the 8th November 2019, Refillution opened its doors as the Ribble Valley’s very own plastic free, zero-waste shop, here in the heart of Clitheroe. Our vision was to create an opportunity to choose a different way to shop, an opportunity for our wonderful community to reduce plastic waste here in the beautiful Ribble Valley and help shape a brighter future.

The community in our town is truly amazing and Refillution has been welcomed warmly. Here, you can buy organic and non-organic foods, ethical toiletries, cleaning products, lifestyle products and handcrafted items made by local craftswomen, all free from plastic packaging.

Bring your own tubs, bottles, whatever you like, fill them and pay! The shop is warm and welcoming. It’s a fun, interactive experience and gives you chance to become part of the community again by choosing collectively to make a difference.

So, whether you want to eat and prepare healthy, nutritious meals for you and your family, start reducing your plastic waste or have been embracing the lifestyle for some time, we are here to support you.

At Refillution, we truly believe that every small action we can take in reducing our use of single use plastics, collectively, has a huge impact, both directly on our beautiful planet and fellow inhabitants but also in the message we send out to each other.

Staggeringly the average person living in western Europe uses more than their own body weight in plastic per year, so absolutely, YES! you really can make a difference.

We are so excited for the coming year, we will be adding new stock to the shop as suggested by our thoughtful customers and looking at ways we can make plastic free, ethical shopping become part of our everyday lives here in the beautiful Ribble Valley.


16 Castle Gate,

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