Reaching for the stars with Tessa

Saturday 26th October 2019

Reaching for the stars with Tessa! Tessa Clemson is a great example of how determination and hard work, together with a clear vision, can help you to achieve your dreams.

Tessa Clemson Yoga Studio is in its sixth month and it has been a year since Tessa took the leap and went self-employed, starting her business delivering yoga to schools, nurseries and workplaces across the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas, as well as at her studio in Great Harwood. Before this, Tessa was a primary school teacher, a job that had took her around the world to live in Thailand, South Korea and Dubai. Having originally studied town planning at University and specialised in Heritage and Regeneration, Tessa caught the travelling bug and at 22 found a love for different countries and cultures.

“I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most incredible places in the world, meet some of the kindest and most interesting people and have my perspective and ideas widened through every experience I’ve had” says Tessa. Tessa got into yoga at the age of 26, with a group in a local park which included people from a variety of countries around the world. On her 28th birthday, she sat on a beach in Sri Lanka. Looking out onto a gorgeous ocean and drinking a birthday beer, she waited for morning to come in the UK so that she could speak to the people she cared about the most. It was at that point that Tessa realised that everything she wanted was waiting for her back in Lancashire; she realised that it didn’t really matter where you were in life, it was the people you had around you. Yoga became her focus; “I sat and wrote down my goals: I wanted to be a yoga teacher and have my own studio, I wanted to buy my own house and most of all I wanted to be near to everyone I loved”. Three years later and Tessa Clemson Yoga is the result.

“I am a true believer in manifesting your dreams through projecting what you want, doing what you can to get there, being brave and staying positive (as much as you can) every step of the way. I am so grateful for everything that’s happened along the way and all the people I’ve met. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.”

5 ways to achieve your goals:

  1. Think of a time frame, set it and write it down
  2. Mind map ideas and possible strategies, outline clear steps including qualifications that you may need
  3. Don’t be afraid, take risks and be proactive
  4. Visualise yourself achieving your goal
  5. Tell people your goal! Don’t be afraid to share your dream, you never know who may be listening!

Tessa Clemson Yoga can facilitate sessions at home, in schools, nurseries and workplaces in and around the Ribble Valley.

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