Local Artist – Claire Williams

Thursday 26th December 2019

AIRE started from the idea that size is not what defines the quality and sustainability of a business, but its ethos and philosophy. Born from the idea that art is for all of us and there are various and wonderful ways to express it.

AIRE was founded by local artist, Claire Williams, on the grounds of education, being the natural sequel of a career in lecturing. Among its objectives, AIRE aims to transmit that creativity is not an infantile concept and painting should not be left somewhere in the box with childhood memories.

More than that, it should be part of our lives; coating the walls of our imagination and our homes. In this way, painting becomes art, which is not caught between the edges of a conventional frame.

Shaped from floral patterns, the designs resemble the diversity and unevenness of nature, the pieces of which match perfectly. This represents another message AIRE wants to transmit.

As well as the origins of existence there is a reinterpretation of the Northern English countryside, deserving to be admired, preserved and believed in. In that sense, the heritage of AIRE is the heritage of Lancashire itself and our mission is to highlight its beauty and bring it inside the home.

Through its innovative and distinctive type of local manufacturing, AIRE aims to contribute to the revival of the area’s crafting past, in a manner that can improve the future. Consciously working with local manufacturers in the Ribble Valley and neighbouring towns, we hope to capitalise and add to the growth of our manufacturing partners.

In simpler words, AIRE is born from the idea of meaningful business, which is able to grow alongside everything that surrounds it. We focus on preserving our personal ethics with the values and resilience of Lancashire, which we capture beautifully on paper and fabric.

Claire can be contacted direct at claire@airestudio.co.uk

The debut wallpaper and fabric collection ‘Papillon’ can be viewed at

The Salvage House Collective, Unit 5b Back King Street, Whalley

Tuesday – Saturdays.

Claire will be available every Friday for appointments.

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