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Tuesday 28th January 2020

The old adage, “they don t make them like they used to,” is certainly true when it comes to the world of furniture.

My passion for vintage and antique furniture began after years of tolerating pieces in my own home that were both generic and poorly made. I wanted my home to be filled with things that were unique to me and would ultimately stand the test of time. It turns out that I was not alone in this quest and have found many people who have the same romantic vision of their Grandma’s old dresser or a quirky piece that they found in an online auction.

I work to restore and enhance the beauty of the piece or to put a unique stamp on it, creating a stunning focal point in your home which is durable for another generation’s use. Shabby-chic, up-cycling, revamping, ……whatever you want to call it, there are many reasons to buy modern vintage pieces.

  • Give a new lease of life to a forgotten family treasure by making it fit with your  aesthetic vision.
  • Extraordinary value for money
  • Shop small and support local businesses
  • Do your bit for the environment by recycling (extra brownie points for that one!)

As well as the items I periodically list for sale online, my book is also open for commissions.

Please do get in touch via email with a clear photograph of the piece that you would like me to look at and we can begin breathing new life into your vintage pieces.


Love Me Two Times


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