LouLou’s Takes Off

Tuesday 28th January 2020


LouLou’s Takes Off.

It’s hard to believe that LouLou’s will be 5 years old in April this year! From just little old me in my home kitchen starting LouLou’s, making just meringues initially, alongside my previous career, to today where we are a team of 13.  We have a regularly fully-booked order book and are now ready to launch our new website and sell macarons and other products nationally online. It has been a complete whirlwind.

Our growth as a company has been rapid, as has the growth in the range of items that we produce from our farm-based bakery in Billington.  We are the leading meringue and macaron specialists in the North West and it’s so exciting to think that our much sought-after macarons are now going to be able to be enjoyed by people all over the UK, for a special treat, for gifts and for use by other cake makers.

As well as meringues and macarons, we have become increasingly well known for our unique style of celebration cakes.  From birthdays to weddings, engagements to christenings, graduations to anniversaries and everything in between, we can create the perfect cake for the occasion. Every one of our cakes is custom-made to the exact requirements of the customer and our delicious range of 25 flavour options keeps customers coming back time after time.

Our counter is stocked daily with the freshest, most delicious selection of tray bakes and treats. And then there’s our large selection of gift items, dessert table options, party favours, seasonal gifts, corporate branded gifts……the list of what we are able to create is pretty much endless!!

If making and baking is something that you’ve always wanted to try, or if you’re an experienced cook who’d like to add to their skill set, we offer fantastic masterclasses in meringue and macaron making at the bakery, as well as the most fun children’s birthday parties around (including a fabulous cake of course!).

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